Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ontario Amazon Publishing Services for Your Next Book

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Today, we’ll dive deep into the world of Amazon book publishing, specifically focusing on Ontario Amazon Publishing Services. We’ll explore ten compelling reasons that make this service a standout option for authors ready to take their manuscript to the next level.

Amazon Publishing Services

One of the most enticing reasons to choose Ontario Amazon Publishing Services lies in its ease of access and use. As part of Amazon’s global network, this particular branch of the company’s book publishing services is uniquely positioned to provide a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

If you’ve ever used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you’ll find many similarities and the same streamlined approach. The system is designed to be intuitive, guiding authors step-by-step through the book publishing process. 

By choosing Ontario Amazon Publishing Services, you tap into Amazon’s expansive global reach. Being one of the largest book publishing companies globally, Amazon offers an unrivaled platform for exposure and distribution. Your book can reach readers not only in Ontario or Canada but worldwide.

Amazon’s network connects millions of readers globally, reaching potential audiences you might never have access to through traditional publishing avenues. With your book listed on Amazon, it can be discovered and purchased by anyone with an Amazon account – that’s hundreds of millions of potential readers.

Amazon Publishing Services Ontario stands out for its versatile format offerings. Alongside the popular Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for ebooks, Amazon provides print-on-demand services for physical books. As an author, this allows you to offer your work in the format that best suits your readers’ preferences without worrying about unsold stock or additional costs.

The versatility doesn’t end there. If your book has the potential to be an audiobook, our audiobook production service is ready to help. You can either narrate the audiobook yourself or hire our professional voice artists to bring your words to life.

  • 4. High Royalty Rates

A significant benefit of using Ontario Amazon Publishing Services is the higher royalty rates than many traditional publishing methods. Depending on the pricing of your book, you can earn up to 70% royalties on sales from most countries.

With Amazon KDP, you have control over your book’s pricing and changes at any time. You can also access detailed reports on sales and royalties, ensuring you’re always in the know about your book’s performance.

  • 5. Comprehensive Support and Resources

Ontario Amazon Publishing Services offers comprehensive support and resources for authors at every stage of the book publishing journey. Whether you’re a first-time author or a professional one, there’s a wealth of information available, from formatting guides to marketing tips.

The supportive community of Amazon authors is another bonus. By joining this community, you gain the opportunity to share experiences, advice, and best practices with like-minded individuals. Plus, you can take advantage of Amazon’s promotional tools to effectively market your book.

  • 6. Complete Creative Control

When using Ontario Amazon Publishing Services, authors maintain complete creative control over their work. From the cover design to the pricing and marketing strategy, every aspect is within your purview. Traditional publishing often involves surrendering a certain level of control to editors and marketing teams. With Amazon Publishing Services, you are the decision-maker, and you can steer your book in the direction you envision.

  • 7. Speed of Publication

Traditional publishing routes can be slow and laborious, often taking several months to even years from manuscript acceptance to the book hitting the shelves. In contrast, Ontario Amazon Publishing Services offers a far quicker turnaround. Once you’ve finalized your manuscript and cover design, your book can be live on Amazon within 24 to 72 hours. The speed of publication means you can get your book into the hands of readers much faster, maintaining the momentum of your creative process.

  • 8. No Upfront Costs

With Ontario Amazon Publishing Services, you don’t need to worry about upfront costs, which can be quite challenging with traditional publishing or self publishing methods. Amazon operates on a print-on-demand model for physical books, which means your book is printed only when a customer places an order, eliminating the need for inventory. For eBooks, the cost is even lower as digital publishing doesn’t involve any printing costs. This model makes Amazon Publishing an affordable option for many authors, especially those just starting.

  • 9. Easy Updates and Revisions

Made an error in your manuscript? Want to update the cover design? With traditional publishing, making changes post-publication can be a rather difficult process. However, with Ontario Amazon Publishing Services, making changes to your book after it has been published is straightforward. You can update your manuscript or cover, adjust your book’s pricing, or tweak your book’s description any time you want. 

  • 10. Transparent Analytics and Reporting

Ontario Amazon Publishing Services provide authors with transparent and in-depth analytics and reporting. Via your Amazon KDP dashboard, you can track book sales, royalties, and a wealth of other useful information in real-time. This feature allows you to make informed decisions about marketing strategies and promotional efforts. By understanding who your readers are and what they prefer, you can better tailor your future works to meet market demands.


The Ontario Amazon Publishing Services presents a multifaceted, dynamic, and author-centric platform, aligning perfectly with the needs of both professional and first-time authors. The benefits it offers—ease of use, expansive global reach, diverse format options, high royalty rates, comprehensive support and resources, full creative control, speed of publication, affordability, flexibility for updates, and insightful analytics—redefine the book publishing experience, making it a process that is as rewarding as it is efficient.

Choosing to publish a book with Book Writing Experts the leading Ontario Amazon publishing service not only simplifies your journey from manuscript to published book but also enhances your ability to reach readers globally. It lets you hold the reins of your creative journey, giving you the freedom to shape your book’s destiny in the exact manner you envision. Contact us today!

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