Frequently Asked

1. What exactly is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a way where the writer works anonymously. You hire him for writing your content; he submits the work without mentioning his name and allows you to use yours for the same content. Such ghostwriters are usually freelancers or a part of writing agencies.

2. What is Proofreading, and why is it important?

Proofreading is a final check of the written document. The proofreaders go through the content and make sure the spellings, grammar, punctuation, numbering, and flow of paragraphs are correct.

3. On what parameters should I hire a Website Content Writer?

Hiring a website content writer can be your best decision. Make sure to check out the reviews first. For an initial search, ask your friends for recommendations. If you do not find any, start browsing website content writing agencies or freelancers. Once you find an experienced one, explain your requirements, and depending upon their knowledge, make your decision.

4. How do we assign you a Blog Writer?

The best favor for blog writing service is finding you the most suitable writer who fills all your requirements. The writing style, experience, genres, and time parameter expectations make us look into every factor and recommend you the best Blog writer.

5. How to listen to Audiobooks, and are they worth it?

Users can listen to any downloaded audiobook on their phones or tablets. It is a complete recording of a book that saves a lot of time in today’s busy world and helps you gain knowledge effortlessly.

How to test your work and service?

We use the most recognized and authentic tools for reports and tracking. Google Analytics will help you understand how SEO improves your organic traffic, audience behavior and tack all calls and emails. Keywords ranking is provided with a live test to prove the fact. However, keywords always fluctuate because of competition.

6. How long does it take to edit a document?

It depends on the length of your document. Normally it takes us to edit a document in as low as 2 to 10 hours. Many clients who are in urgent need of editing have benefited from our services.

7. Do you provide free publishing services?

No, we charge for the services we provide to publish your book.

8. When do I have to start promoting my book?

If you want your book to be the bestseller, you should start promoting it at least 6 months before launch. You can always trust the experts for it, Book Writing Experts have a team of marketing and they know how and when to target your audience. You are never too late to trust Book Writing Experts for it.

9. What aspects of formatting are included in your service?

Our formatting service includes but is not limited to the following factors:

Font color and size, contents tables, reader styles, margin and tab measurements, page numbers, hyperlinks, tables and graphs, headers and footers, section and page breaks.

10. How can I get help if I need assistance related to eBook writing?

Our experts are at your service around the clock; you can hit us up any time of the day, email your query, call us, or whatever suits you. We will make sure our professional eBook writing experts solve your doubts in the best possible way and stay connected with you until you are delighted.

11. My book is not ready yet. Can you design the cover?

Of course, we can! You do not have to wait for the book writing to finish to get a cover design. All you have to is keep us updated about your design choices, and we will create the cover for you. And when you are finally done writing, we can tweak the design a bit according to your book font and format.

12. How can I be sure of the quality of the articles?

Our article writing experts conduct thorough research of your niche before starting any article. We have a big writing team with specific knowledge of different topics. We assign the project only to those who have relevant experience in writing the specific niche. Let’s not forget, you can always ask for revisions in case you do not find our articles up to the mark.

13. What exactly is a book video trailer?

A book video trailer is a promotional video that focuses on the narrative arc of your books. Our book video trailer experts will be shooting the snippets of your book and ensure to add all the elements that can make your work shine.

14. How can the author's website help me?

Having your personal website where you can post your life story and inspire others will help you make a brand of yourself. You can create your own identity if you have an author’s website. Our website developers ensure they create the website right according to your preferences.